Satana ransomware – typical ransomware with Petya’s powers

Satana ransomware – typical ransomware with Petya’s powers snapshot

Since the beginning of this year, security experts have been reporting about new ransomware viruses almost every day. Some of them are simple variants that can be eliminated within several minutes; others can be beaten only with the help of professional tools. It seems that Satana virus belongs to the second group of viruses as it has several tasks to do on your computer. Beware that it can not only encrypt your files right after infiltrating your PC system – crooks behind this ransomware have also enabled it to encrypt computer’s master boot record (MBR) and replace it with the new one. This virus ability has been noticed only in Petya ransomware, which was especially active in March, April and May. After these successful months, hackers opted for Mischa ransomware which spread around for only several months.

While you can be convinced that the only way to recover yourself from Satana infiltration is paying a ransom and getting the decryption key, we must warn you that money transfer helps only on rare occasions. Don’t forget that you are dealing with cyber criminals who can take your money and leave you with nothing. Another thing which is very important to remember is that you must be extremely careful while trying to recover your original master boot record. In fact, we recommend you to leave this task to security experts who know how to do this properly.

Unfortunately, but virus activity level is expected to grow during the remaining half of 2016. Security experts also believe that ransomware will continue evolving, so there is no doubt that each of computers must be protected by a reliable anti-spyware.