Security researchers notice an increase in Trotux activity

Security researchers notice an increase in Trotux activity snapshot

Trotux virus is a browser hijacker that redirects people to predetermined websites against their will. Technically, it is a potentially unwanted program, not a virus, but there is no guarantee that websites promoted with the help of are harmless. Also, there is no secret that potentially unwanted programs are mostly designed to generate revenue for their developers. That’s why they track their victims and then display pre-selected ads on their browsers. Their goal is to trick users into clicking these ads and redirect them to sponsored websites that pay in exchange for an increased web traffic. However, everyone will agree that pop-ups are annoying and can easily disturb your browsing. While trying to close one of these ads, you can be redirected to sponsored or potentially malicious websites, so even the most patient ones can become frustrated.

Unfortunately, but it seems that Trotux activity has increased and there is a huge possibility to get it without even realizing that. According to latest reports, thousands of people have already found this hijacker installed on their systems as optional component. While this virus mostly spreads bundled with free software, it is not the only way to get it installed on your computer. Every time you enter a questionable website and click one of its provided links, your computer might be infected with hijacker or even more serious viruses. Also, you can let this PUP inside when you download Torrent files or open emails from unknown or suspicious senders. Cyber security specialists have been reminding for ages that people should never open suspicious emails, and, most importantly, download files attached to them. If the sender looks shady and unreliable, look for information about him or her online and double check the email address. Bear in mind that the only person responsible for your computer’s safety is you.

If you have already noticed different pop-ups related to your previous search queries and other interruptions, it is time for you to check your computer for Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you won’t be tricked into downloading additional malware to your computer while having this hijacker on your machine. The worst scenarios could also include privacy issues, browser crashes and other problems. Why should you risk? If your computer is infected, do not hesitate and remove Trotux virus from your computer.