Shit ransomware: origins of its controversial name and relations with Locky virus

Shit ransomware: origins of its controversial name and relations with Locky virus snapshot

It appears that the cybercriminals will soon exceed the limits of funny, strange and controversial names they give to their malicious ransomware viruses. On the other hand, do you really care about what is decent or suitable if you are an anonymous hacker who makes thousands of dollars out of these programs? Highly unlikely. So, the criminals take a chance to have their fun. You may have already heard about Redshitline virus, CryptFuck virus and just earlier this month, an insolent-sounding Shit ransomware has stepped into the spotlight. The virus has earned its controversial name because of the .shit extensions that it pins to the regular ones during the file encryption. Though some may find it hilarious, seeing these extensions next to your files signals a disastrous situation. It means that your computer has been infected ransomware and that you may not see your personal files ever again.

Even more concerning is the fact that Shit ransomware is not a stand-alone virus. It has now been confirmed that it is the newest version of another well-established cyber infection known as Locky virus. Why does this keep security experts and all the cyber security community on their toes? The answer is simple. The releases of new virus versions mean that the hackers have done their homework improving the virus, so now we have a more advanced version of the infection to deal with. Before the Shit virus locks your files away, make sure to backup your data and keep it safe on external storage drives or another computer.