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Warning! You have a ZEUS virus! is just a fake notification trying to mislead you into thinking that there is a dangerous malware hiding in your PC system. Also, this scam promises to delete your Hard Drive if you fail to dial a special number given in this alert. Please, do NOT call this number to reach Microsoft tech agents because you won’t. In reality, the only people who can be reached like that are hackers and scammers.

When dealing with this alert, you should know that your computer IS infected. However, the virus which is hiding in it has nothing to to with a notorious Zeus virus. These fake alerts appear in your web browser because of adware-type malware hiding somewhere in your computer. Such ad-supported software tends to hijack each of web browsers and then disrupts their work with its fake notifications. These ads can look very different – some of them can display price comparisons and promotional deals, others can look as serious as the ones claiming that your computer is infected with Zeus virus. The main reason for such ads is to mislead users. Make sure you stop yourself from dialing a special number to reach “Microsoft tech agents.”