Virus activity – an exceptional plugin that adds value to your website

Virus Activity Plugin for WordPress

Computer viruses have never been as active as they are now. According to security researchers who compared the first and the last quarter of 2015, they conducted a surprising 789% increase in phishing activity and a 50% increase in virus activity. They have also predicted that these numbers will rise anytime soon.

Today’s viruses are capable of causing lots of damage for victims, like encrypting their valuable data, stealing their financial information and even leading them to the money loss. To enhance people’s awareness and help you add more value to your website, we decided to introduce Virus Activity plugin. By updating itself every 24 hours, it provides the latest information about the most active viruses. Data which is provided by Virus Activity includes:

  • total virus activity
  • a list of discovered/renewed viruses
  • the most dangerous virus of the day
  • update date

Information for this plugin is gathered from different security researchers, such as AVG, TrendMicro, Softpedia, Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, Kaspersky, and others. It is translated to 25 languages and, if needed, can adapt itself to your website design. To add Virus Activity to your website and let your visitors know about the latest viruses, you just need to download the widget from WordPress plugin directory.

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