The Role of AI in Battling Online Misinformation

How is Artificial Intelligence aiding in Detecting and Combating False Narratives Online? More
Security   September 27, 2023  

Ransomware Evolution: From Locking Files to Spreading Disinformation

Ransomware: the Major Threat that Affects Businesses, Governments, and Individuals to Cause Havoc. More
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Beyond Cookies: How Trackers Map Your Online Behavior and Influence Perception

The Evolution from Cookies to Advanced Tracking Techniques. More
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Flagging Disinformation: The Technologies Behind Truth-Telling Online

Future of Fighting Disinformation: AI-Powered Fact-Checking and Deep-Learning. More
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Fact-Check 101: How to Differentiate between Fact and Fiction Online

Four Crucial Tips for Navigating Online Information. In today's digital age, discerning between fact and fiction online has become an essential skill.More
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Combating Disinformation: Navigating Truth in a Digital World

The Effects of Disinformation and How to Fight It. In the digital era, the rampant spread of disinformation on social media platforms has evolved into a dire predicament, often labeled as the 'disinformation crisis'.More
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Telegram Bots: The New Threat to Your Two-Factor Authentication

Telegram Account Hijacking Campaign: One Click Needed for Quick Password Stealing. More
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The New Age of Cybersecurity: Protecting Yourself Against Malware in 2023

Malware, Threats, Cybersecurity Attacks that pose the Biggest Risk on Companies and Individuals. More
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COVID-19-themed phishing emails infect users with new version of TrickBot

Once again hackers are exploiting coronavirus pandemic fears to benefit financially. More
Malware   May 05, 2020  

Microsoft warns about the activity of a new polymorphic threat

Dexphot dubbed malware outbreak monitored by researchers reveals multi-layered persistence. More
Malware   November 28, 2019  

Virus activity notice: newest versions of Djvu ransomware with .kvag and .meds markers

Two recent variants Meds and Kvag ransomware come strong after changes in DJVU encryption process. More
Malware News   September 20, 2019  

GandCrab developers call it quits: claim earnings of $2bn

Cybercriminals behind GandCrab ransomware are shutting down all RaaS operations by the end of the month. More
Malware   June 04, 2019  

Due to the increasing number of scams, beware that the most popular ones can lock your screen

. Technical support scams are becoming more advanced. Recently, numerous computer users have been interrupted by the fake alert saying that they were recorded while visiting pornographic websites.More
Security   May 08, 2019  

Dedicated Mac virus section was added to 2spyware

Apple users are overcoming an increasing number of Mac viruses and infections. More
Security   January 03, 2019  

Due to active malware attacks on businesses, decision-makers conduct education programs for their employees

Surveyed IT decision-makers at small and medium-sized businesses revealed that almost 100% of them educate employees on cybersecurity. More
Security   November 15, 2018