COVID-19-themed phishing emails infect users with new version of TrickBot

Once again hackers are exploiting coronavirus pandemic fears to benefit financially. More
Malware   May 05, 2020  

Microsoft warns about the activity of a new polymorphic threat

Dexphot dubbed malware outbreak monitored by researchers reveals multi-layered persistence. More
Malware   November 28, 2019  

Virus activity notice: newest versions of Djvu ransomware with .kvag and .meds markers

Two recent variants Meds and Kvag ransomware come strong after changes in DJVU encryption process. More
Malware News   September 20, 2019  

GandCrab developers call it quits: claim earnings of $2bn

Cybercriminals behind GandCrab ransomware are shutting down all RaaS operations by the end of the month. More
Malware   June 04, 2019  

One of the most widely distributed banking trojan Emotet self-propagates via new phishing email campaign

Banking credentials stealing malware has multiple versions already and is still active. More
Malware News   September 25, 2018  

Various malware and trojans infect your device with All-Radio 4.27 Portable virus

All-Radio 4.27 Portable virus is a malware that comes to the computer via software bundles. More
Malware   September 05, 2018  

Combo ransomware is a file-locking virus that remains active since July 2018

Ransomware that emerged from dangerous Dharma family remains active. More
Malware   August 24, 2018  

Ryuk ransomware: makes more than half a million in two weeks and is not going to stop

In two weeks of existence, newly created ransomware has gained $640K. More
Malware   August 22, 2018  

KeyPass ransomware can customize the encryption process and lead its victims to a greater data loss

KEYPASS ransomware is a serious threat as it is not a typical ransomware. More
Malware   August 20, 2018  

The return of Gandcrab 4 ransomware reminds us that Gandcrab is still active

Gandcrab ransomware is still active - a new version, using .KRAB file extension, is found. More
Malware News   July 03, 2018  

Zenis ransomware wants to make data decryption complicated

Data encryption for Zenis ransomware virus is not enough. Zenis is a brand new ransomware virus that recently caught researcher’s eye.More
Malware News   March 22, 2018 browser hijacker impersonates Google Chrome

Crooks created another search engine that resembles Chrome. More
Malware News   December 12, 2017  

Zeus Panda virus is back with a sophisticated SEO attack

Developers of Zeus Panda trojan managed to launch attack from Google search results. More
Malware News   November 17, 2017  

Ever-evolving Android virus poses new concerns

Android virus acquires new features. Menacing days have descended upon the Android community.More
Malware News   November 03, 2017  

Europol warns about ransomware epidemic: people, businesses, hospitals, and cities are in danger

Ransomware is the biggest cyber threat of 2017. No one can forget WannaCry and NotPetya attacks which occurred almost half a year ago.More
Malware News   October 06, 2017