Virus Activity News


Bad Rabbit virus debuts during third major global cyber attack of 2017

Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak hits Eastern European countries first, starts spreading further. More
Security   October 25, 2017

The five most significant personal data leaks of 2017

Data leaks became a commonplace in 2017. Personal data leaks have become a major problem ion 2017.More
Security   October 20, 2017

Europol warns about ransomware epidemic: people, businesses, hospitals, and cities are in danger

Ransomware is the biggest cyber threat of 2017. No one can forget WannaCry and NotPetya attacks which occurred almost half a year ago.More
Malware News   October 6, 2017

Installed CCleaner v5.33 version on your PC? You might be infected!

Cyber criminals injected malicious code to CCleaner v5.33: 2.27 million users might be infected. More
Malware News   September 29, 2017

Locky, BTCWare and CryptoMix viruses continue bombarding users

No time to lose vigilance. Perhaps there isn‘t a day which passes without hackers releasing new ransomware.More
Malware News   September 22, 2017

Find top cyber security tips on ReviewedByPro site - a new page about cyber security. In this day and age, cyber security is one of the areas a person shouldn’t neglect.More
Security   September 14, 2017

Lukitus, the latest Locky variant, is being pushed via massive malspam campaign

The distribution of Lukitus virus accelerates: criminals sent over 23 million malicious emails in less than 24 hours. More
Security   September 8, 2017

Cesar ransomware – new creation of Dharma virus

Dharma ransomware has been updated. Security experts discovered that Dharma ransomware family increased.More
Malware News   September 1, 2017

It is That Time of the Year! Facebook Message Virus Starts Terrorizing Users Again

Facebook Message Virus Gets Updated. If you have never heard of Facebook message or video virus, then, it is high time you get acquainted with it.More
Malware News   August 25, 2017

Global Malware Trends Q2 2017: ransomware, mobile malware, and banking Trojans

Ransomware takes the top position in the most prevalent malware list 2017 is certainly a successful year for cyber criminals.More
Security   August 18, 2017

Developers of Locky present the update – Diablo6 ransomware virus

Diablo6 ransomware continues what Locky has started in 2016. More
Malware News   August 11, 2017

The latest version of Cerber virus steals browser passwords, targets Bitcoin wallets for theft

Cerber ransomware is at full strength - steals passwords and Bitcoins. More
Security   August 4, 2017

The activity of Globe Imposter is growing rapidly

Globe Imposter ransomware actively attacks computers in the United States and Europe. More
News   August 4, 2017

Behind the scenes: what do 2017 Annual visitor survey ads suggest?

2017 Annual visitor survey: fake or genuine? Despite how often you browse the Web or what websites you visit, it would not be a mistake to say that at least once you were redirected to a web page which displayed Browser opinion survey message.More
Spam   July 28, 2017

CryptoMix virus’ authors release three new versions – Zayka, Noob, and CK ransomware

Three new CryptoMix ransomware variants released. CryptoMix is a ransomware that was first spotted in spring 2016.More
Security   July 21, 2017