Malware report – November 2016

After receiving thousands of reports from our visitors, we can summarize November with only two words - Facebook virus.More
Malware   November 29, 2016  

Locky virus launched a new distribution campaign on Facebook

The most popular social network Facebook is not only attractive for regular Internet users and various businesses, but also for the malware creators.More
Malware   November 21, 2016  

Weekly overview: the most active viruses and their prevention

Last week we reported about the fourth version of Cerber ransomware which showed up during the first days of November.More
Malware   November 08, 2016  

Newly discovered versions of Cerber virus attack unsuspecting users

Cerber ransomware was discovered on March 2016. Since then, security experts have reported about six different versions of this cyber threat.More
Malware News   November 02, 2016  

3.2 million Indian debit cards are affected by a massive ATM hack

The global virus activity level remains decreased and Locky is still considered the most dangerous virus, but we should not forget about cyber attacks that can be launched by hackers whenever they feel ready.More
Malware   October 21, 2016  

Adware displays 3D advertisements but ransomware is still on high

We should all agree that having adware-type program on the system can be a painful experience.More
Malware   September 07, 2016  

New FairWare ransomware attacks Linux users

There is a widely known belief that Linux is immune to viruses.More
Malware   August 30, 2016  

Latest update lets Tech support scams act like ransomware

Tech support scams have been known for years. Their aim is to convince users that their computers are corrupted and that they need to dial a special number to reach tech experts who are ready to solve their problems.More
Malware News   August 12, 2016  

Looking for Pokemon Go app? Are you sure you are not downloading the fake one?

Pokemon Go was presented to users only several weeks ago. However, it has already smashed the Internet with the number of its downloads.More
Malware News   July 19, 2016  

Black Shades ransomware: cheap virus that demands only 30$

Recently, the Internet community has been attacked by Black Shades ransomware.More
Malware News   June 07, 2016  

More than 40% of computer users do not know what ransomware is

According to recent research by Kaspersky Lab, more than 43% of computer users have no idea what ransomware is.More
Malware News Security   June 04, 2016