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ScorecardResearch virus: appears more active in August 2018

ScorecardResearch: adware program that is known for acting maliciously since 2012. More
News   August 14, 2018

Mac Tonic developers find new ways to distribute rogue optimization tool

Fake optimization tool is found spreading with a legitimate software update. More
Security   July 31, 2018

Magniber ransomware actively spreads from South Korea to the World 

Magniber ransomware expands outside South Korea with a changed exploit kit. More
Security   July 24, 2018

Hackers keep using Fastsupport scam to gain a remote access to victims’ computers is a legal program which has been misused by cybercrooks recently. More
Security   July 20, 2018

The return of Gandcrab 4 ransomware reminds us that Gandcrab is still active

Gandcrab ransomware is still active - a new version, using .KRAB file extension, is found. More
Malware News   July 3, 2018

Chrominio Message Center virus offers questionable tool installation

Chrominio Message Center virus is an adware program that displays a lot of ads. More
Security   June 29, 2018 scam targets travelers with phishing messages scam targets users with emails and messages asking for payment details. More
Security   June 6, 2018

Is ByteFence a suspicious PUP or a legitimate and helpful application?

ByteFence is a legitimate program which removes computer threats ByteFence is security software designed by Byte Technologies LLC.More
Security   June 4, 2018

Is Amazon Assistant legit and useful or just a scam that has no value?

Amazon Assistant might be useful, although its rerouting techniques diminish its value greatly Amazon Assistant is a browser extension created by Amazon that should provide users with many helpful features that can enhance and improve the online shopping experience.More
Security   May 29, 2018

IDP.ALEXA.51 virus still gets detected by AV engines

IDP.ALEXA.51 is baffeling users since 2016. IDP.ALEXA.51 was first detected in 2016 when users started requesting explanations regarding a virus detection from AVG, Avira and Avast anti-virus programs.More
Security   May 23, 2018

Zenis ransomware wants to make data decryption complicated

Data encryption for Zenis ransomware virus is not enough. Zenis is a brand new ransomware virus that recently caught researcher’s eye.More
Malware News   March 22, 2018

Researchers warn about the increased activity of online scams

Technical support scammers still pretend to be from Microsoft. More
News Security   March 9, 2018 browser hijacker impersonates Google Chrome

Crooks created another search engine that resembles Chrome. More
Malware News   December 12, 2017

Zeus Panda virus is back with a sophisticated SEO attack

Developers of Zeus Panda trojan managed to launch attack from Google search results. More
Malware News   November 17, 2017

Ever-evolving Android virus poses new concerns

Android virus acquires new features. Menacing days have descended upon the Android community.More
Malware News   November 3, 2017