Chimera decryption keys leaked by Petya ransomware authors

The rivalry is everywhere, and the same applies to cyber crime gangs.More
Security   July 28, 2016  

Ransomware becomes the most popular type of virus

Ransomware-type viruses have already managed to become the pain in everyone's head.More
Security   July 12, 2016  

Satana ransomware – typical ransomware with Petya’s powers

Since the beginning of this year, security experts have been reporting about new ransomware viruses almost every day.More
Security   July 04, 2016  

Hohosearch hits PC users with new power

Hohosearch virus was detected almost four months ago. However, it hasn't stopped its distribution since then.More
News Security   June 28, 2016  

Specialists warn: instances of data leaks are becoming more frequent

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr or any other social media account got hacked?More
News Security   June 06, 2016  

“Malware factory” technology causes unseen virus activity

If several years ago we would have heard that hackers could release a new virus every 15 seconds, we probably would not believe it.More
News Security   June 06, 2016  

More than 40% of computer users do not know what ransomware is

According to recent research by Kaspersky Lab, more than 43% of computer users have no idea what ransomware is.More
Malware News Security   June 04, 2016