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The new variant of Cerber ransomware doesn’t even bother changing the original file name

Cerber ransomware emerged with a new feature again – in March of 2017, malware analysts spotted a brand new Cerber variant that doesn’t change the original filename of encrypted file.More
Security   March 11, 2017

The most dangerous browser hijackers of February

It seems that during the last couple of months the computer security community has started forgetting about browser hijackers, adware and similar PUPs.More
Malware   March 3, 2017

The bug may help to restore files encrypted by Dharma ransomware virus

Since the November 2016, Dharma ransomware along with its other variants have been threatening computer users and taking their files to hostage.More
Malware   February 24, 2017

Cerber returns with Help_help_help version

In 2016, Cerber was nominated the most dangerous ransomware of the year.More
Malware   February 14, 2017

January 2017 in review: Cerber is still in leading position, but there are new ransomware viruses to watch out

2017 started just like any other month - with the announcements of security experts reporting about newly-discovered ransomware viruses.More
Malware   February 1, 2017

Will Spora ransomware become the next Locky?

Spora virus is a new crypto-ransomware which tries to prove that there is never too many layers of encryption when it comes to locking users’ personal data.More
Security   January 20, 2017

Cerber family has a new member – Red Cerber ransomware

Red Cerber ransomware is the late Christmas present for all computer users all over the world by the developers of the notorious Cerber ransomware.More
Malware   January 9, 2017

What viruses should we expect to meet in 2017?

2017 is just around the corner and there is no doubt that everyone is willing to welcome it with no virus on the computer system.More
Malware   December 29, 2016

Technical support scams on the rise: don’t become prey for a fraudster!

Technical support scams are the new face of organized cybercrime in 2016.More
Security   December 16, 2016

Aesir and Osiris ransomware viruses join Locky family

Egyptian gods have definitely bewitched the creators of Locky ransomware - during the last couple of weeks security experts discovered two different viruses having the names "borrowed" from Norse gods.More
Malware   December 9, 2016

Malware report – November 2016

After receiving thousands of reports from our visitors, we can summarize November with only two words - Facebook virus.More
Malware   November 29, 2016

Locky virus launched a new distribution campaign on Facebook

The most popular social network Facebook is not only attractive for regular Internet users and various businesses, but also for the malware creators.More
Malware   November 21, 2016

Weekly overview: the most active viruses and their prevention

Last week we reported about the fourth version of Cerber ransomware which showed up during the first days of November.More
Malware   November 8, 2016

Newly discovered versions of Cerber virus attack unsuspecting users

Cerber ransomware was discovered on March 2016. Since then, security experts have reported about six different versions of this cyber threat.More
Malware News   November 2, 2016

Shit ransomware: origins of its controversial name and relations with Locky virus

It appears that the cybercriminals will soon exceed the limits of funny, strange and controversial names they give to their malicious ransomware viruses.More
Security   October 26, 2016