Virus Activity News


3.2 million Indian debit cards are affected by a massive ATM hack

The global virus activity level remains decreased and Locky is still considered the most dangerous virus, but we should not forget about cyber attacks that can be launched by hackers whenever they feel ready.More
Malware   October 21, 2016

Hurricane Matthew reduces the spread of cyber infections

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters are terrifying and bring extensive damage to the affected areas.More
Security   October 13, 2016

ODIN ransomware may be a very serious competition for the infamous Locky virus

Not that while ago, the online community was baffled by the emergence of the notorious Locky virus which is still one of the most prominent threats in the ransomware league today.More
Security   October 6, 2016

Hackers target Mac OS X systems with Komplex Trojan

Malware researchers have recently discovered a new Mac malware variant called Komplex Trojan.More
Security   September 29, 2016

New Locky virus campaign targets healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations, fire departments, financial institutions remain primary targets of ransomware authors.More
Security   September 21, 2016

DNS Unlocker virus renewed its activities

DNS Unlocker virus has already infected thousands of computer users.More
Security   September 14, 2016

Adware displays 3D advertisements but ransomware is still on high

We should all agree that having adware-type program on the system can be a painful experience.More
Malware   September 7, 2016

New FairWare ransomware attacks Linux users

There is a widely known belief that Linux is immune to viruses.More
Malware   August 30, 2016

Security researchers notice an increase in Trotux activity

Trotux virus is a browser hijacker that redirects people to predetermined websites against their will.More
News Security   August 24, 2016

Good news for Estonians: new website provides malware removal guides in their native language

Good news for Estonian computer users - a new site dedicated to fighting against computer malware has been released!More
Security   August 19, 2016

2-Spyware team launches a new website to help Latvian people fight against malware

Cyber crime is one of the most successful forms of illegal activity, used to take advantage of inexperienced and unprepared computer users and swindle money or sensitive information from them.More
Security   August 17, 2016

Latest update lets Tech support scams act like ransomware

Tech support scams have been known for years. Their aim is to convince users that their computers are corrupted and that they need to dial a special number to reach tech experts who are ready to solve their problems.More
Malware News   August 12, 2016

Nearly 50% of US organizations attacked by ransomware, according to research

Eventually, ransomware viruses become more and more aggressive, and their authors successfully continue making a profit from inattentive computer users.More
Security   August 4, 2016

Chimera decryption keys leaked by Petya ransomware authors

The rivalry is everywhere, and the same applies to cyber crime gangs.More
Security   July 28, 2016

Looking for Pokemon Go app? Are you sure you are not downloading the fake one?

Pokemon Go was presented to users only several weeks ago. However, it has already smashed the Internet with the number of its downloads.More
Malware News   July 19, 2016